A downloadable game for Windows and Android

I was thinking of making something cool and a bit funny as well so I went on creating a new game of type board game and finally came out with a business board game. It is available for both Windows as well as Android and I am getting the WebGL module done as well so that you all can play that online as well and tell me about your reviews as soon as possible. 

I was not sure which of the android version would work well on the devices so I was a bit confused to upload the file. But the suggested one worked well on almost all devices. The android version lacks the effects and that's due to the poor optimization but I am working on it and for the best experience get the PC version of it.

So in the game, as you all know the business game in which you purchase a spot and then earn rent from it when the second player comes to that spot. But I am not pretty sure about the rules of the game so if you find anything missing or wrong you may tell about that in the comments down below. In you there are two players, you and your friend. There's a dice which rolls to give you that number and you move according to it. You are allowed to purchase any property except some special spots which are often the Income Tax Department and many more. In order for one to win you need to purchase a specific spot that is specified in the menu of the scene. 

If you want another board game then I would try my best if making a new Ludo game for four players. Currently I am working on a Digging game and as well as a Rider game. 

If you like the game make sure to comment down below and if you want to support my work you can do so at Patreon and each and every support is appreciated. 

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RCZ - Business (Android).apk 35 MB
RCZ - Business (x86).exe 19 MB


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Did anyone like this game??

If you do or not then too please tell me about your experiences whether good or bad.