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♦ So after a long time, there's the new game.

♦ First I thought of completing it somehow in a month and publishing it but then I had a look on my previous game which due to lack of a lot things just got flopped. So this time, I took my time and began making the game as good as possible and here's an early build of the game which well is almost a complete build of the Domino part.

Domino Part?

♦ Yes, this game has two qualities it is a domino building game as well as a city building game.

♦ First I didn't had any idea of implementing the city building properties but then when I looked at the game it was good looking but not that interesting so then the city building idea flicked into my mind and I began building that. A preview version of it is completed but it's not that good, but it has some good things►

♦ You can play in the Domino part and make cool looking things and on top of that you can earn some money which you can use to create awesome fields in your city, most of all you can then purchase buildings when you wanna like to build it.

♦ It works on the principle of first EARN and then SPEND..

♦ But the city building is just in preview version so if you interact with something wrong just tell me in the comments and I would fix that and get it uploaded with the further releases of the game.☻


▬   Use Arrow Keys or Numpad or WASD Keys to move around.
▬   Use 'R' key to remove building after selecting them (selected building are marked red).
▬   Use 'Q' and 'E' keys to zoom in and out.
▬   Use 'Esc' to see the Info.
▬   Can Use 'T' and 'Y' keys to rotate Domino and Building after selecting the particular one.
▬   Use 'Tab' key to check the requirements in the City Building scene.

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RCZ - DomCity 43 MB

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